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Fallstudie: Die Hotellerie mit Quick-ID umgestalten

Kunde: ASA – Innovative Hotelsoftware im DACH-Raum

ASA, a leading hotel software company based in Italy, sought to revolutionize their customer check-in process. The challenge was to streamline and secure the guest experience while enhancing overall operational efficiency for hotels.


Solution: Quick-ID Identification Verification Services

In their quest for excellence, ASA turned to Quick-ID's  identification verification services. Quick-ID offered a tailored solution designed to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry, providing a seamless and secure check-in process for hotel guests.



1. Efficient Integration:
  ASA seamlessly integrated Quick-ID into their existing hotel management software, ensuring a smooth transition for their clients.


2. Customization for Hospitality:
  Quick-ID's identification verification services were customized to align with the specific requirements of the hospitality sector, allowing ASA to offer a solution that catered to the unique needs of hotels.



1. Streamlined Check-In Process:
  Quick-ID transformed ASA's check-in process, min
imizing wait times and providing a hassle-free experience for guests.


2. Enhanced Security:
  The identification verification services added an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of guest information.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency:
  ASA witnessed a notable improvement in overall operational efficiency. The streamlined check-in process translated to more satisfied guests and reduced workload for hotel staff.


Client Testimonial:

"At ASA, we have found that Quick-ID not only offers the best technology and engineering resulting in a fantastic product and innovative solution for our mutual customers but also brings together a great team of developers, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs. Quick-ID has not just transformed our check-in process but has become an integral part of our commitment to delivering excellence in the hospitality sector."


Future Collaboration:

ASA looks forward to continued collaboration with Quick-ID, confident that their innovative identification verification services will play a crucial role in shaping the future of seamless and secure hotel experiences.​

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