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Case Study: Redefining Hospitality with Quick-ID

Client: Dolomit Homes and Hotels - Enhancing Guest Experience and Security

Extended check-in times led to guests often experiencing delays that detracted from their overall experience, while manual ID checks were insufficient to prevent fraudulent bookings and protect guest data, and the administrative burden of manual ID verification resulted in operational inefficiency, with staff spending excessive time on paperwork.

Solution: Quick-ID Scanning and Verification Services

Quick-ID's integration with Dolomit Homes & Hotels' existing systems enables the swift extraction of guest data during the check-in process, significantly reducing wait times. This seamless connection streamlines operations, directly leading to an enhanced guest experience by minimizing the administrative tasks associated with manual check-ins.



The rollout of Quick-ID across Dolomit's properties was organized together with their Hotel Management System which allowed an uncomplicated and direct integration into their system. This required an API access and close collaboration with the PMS. 



1. Operational Efficiency: Check-in times were reduced by 75%, significantly improving operational flow during peak times.

2. Enhanced Guest Experience: Guests appreciated the swift check-in process, rating their overall experience more highly on review platforms.

3. Security and Compliance: The incidence of fraudulent bookings dropped to nearly zero, and compliance with data protection regulations was fully achieved.


Client Testimonial:

"Quick-ID's ID-Scanning and verification service have been a game-changer for Dolomit Homes & Hotels, enabling us to overcome significant operational challenges while offering an enhanced and secure guest experience. We hope that the success story of this implementation serves as a compelling case for the adoption of technology solutions in the hospitality industry to meet the evolving needs of both businesses and guests."


Future Collaboration:

Hospitality businesses looking to improve their operational efficiency and guest satisfaction can learn from the success story of Dolomit Homes & Hotels. 

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